Monday, 24 August 2015

How to prepare for Forestry and Geology optionals?


I studied Handbook of Forestry by LS Khanna and AN Chaturvedi - Part I and II.

If you don't get the above books in bookstore, then you can study Indian Forestry by Manikandan and Prabhu, which is widely available.


I read Text of Geology by PK Mukherji .This will cover most of the syllabus. You can also read Geology by KM Bangar.

Blogs by my batchmates on this topic:

These 2-3 books are sufficient to clear the exam. It will be good if you solve last 5 years question papers by preparing a short synopsis for both optionals.

Optionals are key to clearing IFS.

All the best.

-Harish Y N IFS

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